Materials contained in nylon packages must be opened and aerated at least one day before walling. Before walling, materials must be examined, and if there are any wet blocks, they must be kept until their surfaces get dry.


Lintels are reinforced elements that complement wall blocks. They are used for door and windows openings on walls. With the TSE certified lintel, significant time savings are achieved by continuing the walls without waiting for mold, iron, etc. manufacturing. Can be mounted easily...

Setapor Thermal Insulation Plate

Thermal Insulation Plate is an A1 class non-combustible thermal insulation material that provides fire safety with its mineral-based structure. Thermal Insulation Plate with a thermal conductivity value of 0.05 W/mK is a durable insulation system used in old and new buildings with its Superior insulation performance...


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Thermal and Sound Insulation

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), is a highly efficient insulation material that performs well in all climate regions of our country. It successfully isolates indoor and outdoor temperatures, increasing energy efficiency in buildings and reducing air conditioning costs. AAC has the lowest thermal conductivity value among all wall building materials.

STT AAC is light

STT AAC does not compromise durability, and reduces total weight of the building thanks to its lightness. AAC wall bricking material and flooring panels are low-density "massive" materials.

Accurate in Size

STT AAC is a building material produced in precise sizes, it never fails in dimensions. It can be cut with millimetric precision. It provides ease of application. It displays high workability, allowing drilling and engraving operations with ease.

High Workability

STT Türk Gazbeton products accelerate the construction process of buildings and economize product and labor costs to a significant extent. Facilitating horizontal/vertical handling during application and hand bricking process, they enable projects to be completed in a shorter time period.


Being a low-density "massive" wall material, AAC reduces loads on buildings and provides earthquake safety thanks to its lightness and durability. Buildings with high levels of earthquake safety are not exposed to the destructive effects of earthquakes; those buildings resist earthquakes more on account of being light and flexible.

Healthy Spaces

STT AAC is manufactured with low energy consumption and without use of agricultural soil. It does not contain radioactive or toxic substances. It does not pollute the environment neither in manufacturing nor in construction stages, and does not contain any substance hazardous for human health. Thanks to its heat insulation property, it economizes fuel consumption and does not cause air pollution.