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Insulated Filler Stone Chips

STT Türk Gazbeton Insulated Filler Stone Chips, which constitute a low-density and mineral-based cast material, offer
a comfortable life with its porous structure by improving heat insulation in areas applied. It is an ideal product
used in indoor filling processes. Thanks to its insulation property, it prevents heat losses that may occur on the
ground. With its lightness, it prevents buildings against excessive weight and provides earthquake safety.

Areas of Application
  • Any indoor filler
  • Foundation fillers
  • Low flooring, upstanding beam, etc. fillers
  • Terrace fillers
  • Fillers for landscaping purposes
Product Properties


  • Prevents filled indoor areas against excessive weight. Does not place any load on the concrete
    structure on account of being lighter than other materials, and provides earthquake safety.
  • Offers transportation advantage.

    Heat and sound insulated.

  • Powerful heat insulation thanks to homogeneously distributed small pores.


  • A1 class non-combustible product.
  • Unaffected by fire thanks to its mineral-based composition.
  • Does not accelerate fire.
Technical Properties
Product Dimensions0-10 cm
Dry Density400 kg/m3
Transportation Weight580 kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity Value0,13 W/mK
Fire Class AFire Class A1 (Not Light)