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Connections between the Wall and Concrete Elements

Tools and instruments required for panel assembly: Crane, panel unloading apparatus, panel assembly apparatus, connection elements, AAC saw, AAC plane, and general building instruments. Before starting panel assembly, one must pay attention that panels are unloaded on a smooth ground close to the place of assembly. Before starting panel assembly, examine the assembly plan. It is important for a fast and easy assembly to unload the panels indicated in the plan close to the axles that are included in the plan as well, and to locate the crane properly.

Assembly of the First Panel

For a successful assembly, assembly grounds on which panels will be placed must be checked across the entire building and their smoothness must be ensured. Grading columns will ensure the continuity and focus of the joints at horizontal panel connections along the entire facade of the building.

Utilization of Assembly Elements

It is crucial to correctly mount the first panel in order for other panels to be placed upon the first one may easily and smoothly be assembled. After unloading the first panel on the assembly ground, leveling must be checked by means of a template and water balance. In case the assembly ground has not been smoothed, the ground must be leveled with mortar. In order to protect the first panel against the impacts of water and moisture, the ground on which it will be placed may need to be elevated or isolated beforehand.

Anchorage Rail / Hammerhead Towing Hook / Angle Nail

Isolation of the Panel Joint

Waterproofing mastics are used along the connection lines of AAC panels. One must pay attention that these mastics are highly flexible and resistant to ultraviolet rays as well as exterior weather conditions.

Assembly of Other Panels

After applying waterproofing mastic along the first horizontal panel joint, you may proceed to the assembly of the next panel. The same assembly elements used in the assembly of the first panel will be used for the assembly of this panel as well as others.

Shore Connections

If the panel length is equal to or less than 6.00 meters and if the panel thickness is equal to or less than 20 centimeters, other panels may be assembled up to 6.00 meters high without needing any support. For heights more than 6.00 meters, special connection elements and application details are necessary. If the panel is thicker than 20 centimeters, the wall can be up to 12.00 meters high.