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Manufacturing Process

Raw materials used in the manufacturing of STT Türk Gazbeton wall and building materials are quartzite, cement, lime and gypsum. These materials, which are pulverized into fine powder, are added to water and pore-forming aluminum and the resulting mixture is poured into form travelers.

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products

Cages formed by specially designed iron wires are prepared for the manufacturing of reinforced AAC products. The surfaces of these cages are covered with anticorrosive antioxidant water-based paint so that they can be protected against corrosion.

Casting Process

The cages are placed into form travelers as they are, and they undergo a fully-automated casting process as in the case with block products without reinforcement. After casting, the mixture is kept inside a maturing tunnel, the temperature of which is constantly controlled, for expansion. The porous structure forms during the expansion process. Within 3-4 hours inside the maturing tunnel, the mixture inside the molds solidifies and attains the stiffness of a cake ready for cutting.

Cutting Process

The cutting process is performed on computer-supported systems with millimetric sensitivity in suitable sizes (interlaced products, where necessary). After the cutting process, in order to provide the material in cake consistency with physical and mechanical properties intended, it is subjected to the autoclave curing process. Having autoclaved, the AAC product undergoes required quality controls and then placed on the market, ready for use.