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Before Bricking

Materials contained in nylon packages must be opened and aerated at least one day before bricking. Before bricking, materials must be examined, and if there are any wet blocks, they must be kept until their surfaces get dry.

Preparation of Thin Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Glue

Glue preparation is simple. Firstly, pour 1 measurement of water into a clean vessel to three parts powder glue. Using AAC Mixing Tip, stir the mixture until no air bubble is left inside. It is appropriate to use a mixing tip on a low-speed hand drill in order to obtain a good quality glue. The glue will be ready in a couple of hours and it must be used within a period of approximately 4-5 hours. The glue must be prepared when the need arises, and must be stirred frequently. When it gets dry, do not reuse the glue by adding water to it.

Mixing tip

Cutting the Blocks

AAC blocks can be easily cut in any intended size through an AAC saw. For a smooth cut, firstly mark the intended size on the block with a tape measure. Then, placing an AAC miter on the point marked, draw a line on at least both surfaces of the block along the miter. Finally, following two lines drawn on the surfaces, cut the block carefully with an AAC saw.

AAC Saw / Mitter

General Rules for Bricking
  • No space must be left in vertical and horizontal joints during bricking.
  • Regarding walls bricked by using glue, the glue applied to vertical and horizontal joints must be applied in such a way that surfaces must remain covered entirely.
  • Overlapping length of blocks cannot be less than 10 cm.
  • Appropriate overlapping length must be half the length of the block.
  • Do not use small pieces as juxtaposed on the wall.
  • Do not place the blocks upright when bricking.
First Row in Bricking

BUILDING MORTAR must definitely be used between the wall and the ground (floor).

  • Building Mortar Mixture: In volume, 1 scale of Cement, 1 scale of Powdered Lime, 6 scales of Fine Sand
  • You must ensure that the first row must be on balance with respect to lateral and upper surfaces.
  • The walls under which isolating membrane is used must be anchored to the columns with steel bars.
Application of the Glue

In order to get more efficiency from wall bricking glue, dust and particles on the surface of the block must be cleaned. The glue must be applied with an AAC Trowel that is suitable for the thickness of the block in such a way to cover vertical and horizontal surfaces entirely.

AAC Trowel

Leveling the Blocks

In order for the wall surface to be smooth, smoothness of vertical and horizontal joints can be ensured by means of a rubber hammer. In particular the first row must be very smooth.

Lastik Çekiç
Connections between the Wall and Concrete Elements

Thanks to the easy workability of AAC, operations such as notching installation channels or junction holes, gouging, drilling and cutting can be easily performed on the walls bricked with AKG Gazbeton blocks. AAC Hand Tools used in these operations provide ease of use thanks to their ergonomic designs and accelerate the construction process with their functionalities.

Channel Notcher /Junction Notcher