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This is an outstandingly-performing glue developed for the bricking process with Gazbeton blocks. It ensures solid adhesion of blocks. Being developed in accordance with international EN 998-2 standard and certified by CE and TSE, Gazbeton Bricking Glue forms strong walls and provides earthquake safety thanks to its outstanding adhesive performance. Since it does not allow the formation of thermal bridges by reducing the thickness of joints, it increases heat insulation capacity. Simply add water and stir the glue which is sold as powder in 25 kg packages protected against moisture, and in a short time it is ready for use. It is appropriate to use a mixing tip on a low-speed hand drill in order to obtain a good quality glue mixture. The mixture must be free of flocculation and bubbles.

Amount of Glue Consumption
The amount of glue to be consumed for bricking 1 m2 wall:
Block Thickness (cm)1012.51517.52022.52527.530
Glue (kg/m2)