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As STT YATIRIM YAPI SAN.VE TİC.AŞ, we are committed to using all resources efficiently, making quality production, ensuring customer satisfaction, increasing the motivation and training of our employees, considering our suppliers and authorized dealers as our business partners and working in accordance with the total quality management approach by prioritizing our responsibility to the natural environment and society in all our activities. Our priority is to meet the demands and expectations of our customers at the highest level by continuously improving our product and service quality.


To ensure customer loyalty by establishing a strong communication and creating a bond between us and our customers, to increase our competitiveness and profitability in the national and international market;
To be the most preferred leading brand in addition to being a reliable and reputable organization that continuously develops, increases its efficiency, pioneers the sector.

Integrated Management System Policy

STT Türk Gazbeton within the framework of the following principles; It is a company that implements Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Integrated Management System.
At STT Türk Gazbeton;
Continuous Improvement is Essential
STT Türk Gazbeton monitors the performance of the activities and the system and moves towards the targets it has set for improvement. It implements the innovative perspective that seeks for the better in its products, systems and working environments.Our company manages its activities in such a way that it does the right at the first time.
Customer Satisfaction is our Priority
STT Türk Gazbeton fulfills its commitments in order to maintain trust with its customers. Maintains its practices based on measurement and knowledge in solving problems and fulfilling changing customer demands.
Minimum Environmental Impact is Essential
STT Türk Gazbeton fulfills the responsibilities related to the protection of the environment, the effective use of resources and the recycling of wastes within the framework of its sustainability approach. Our company strives to create environmentally friendly products and systems.
Targets Occupational Zero Accident
STT Türk Gazbeton manages risk analysis activities with its safe machines, safe working environment, healthy employee and safe movement principles.
Human is the Most Important Value
The most valuable resource of STT Türk Gazbeton is its employees. With this awareness, our company works for employee satisfaction, training and encourages team spirit.
It works with Corporate Principles and Ethical Values
STT Türk Gazbeton acts in compliance with laws and ethical values. It produces and implements projects with the awareness of corporate responsibility. STT Türk Gazbeton is committed to complying with the above principles with its employees and all its stakeholders; works collaboratively and responsibly.