Application and Support > Setapor Thermal Insulation Plate

Application to concrete surfaces:

AAC wall blocks are bricked as effused from the concrete flooring. Concrete surfaces such as Columns, Beams or Partitions are covered with Setapor Thermal Insulation Plate. By doing this, monolithic, mineral-based, non-combustible, isolated facades are obtained.

Setapor Thermal Insulation Plate is applied with a special adhesive.
The adhesive can be easily prepared under
the conditions specified on its package.
Deburr the concrete surfaces and make them ready for application.

By means of a notched trowel, apply
the special adhesive prepared in the previous
step on the Setapor surface homogeneously.

Apply the Setapor Thermal Insulation Plate with adhesive
to concrete surfaces. After application, level
the surface by sandpapering it.

One day after, fix Head Insulation Plate Setapor on
concrete surfaces with steel
screw plugs by means of a drill.

Place a net on the Setapor fixed by plugs.
Apply first layer application plaster
with the special adhesive of Setapor.

Apply finish plaster. Conclude
the application and
make it ready for painting.

Application to ceiling surfaces:

Being a non-combustible isolation material, Setapor is used on the ceilings of car parks and garages, terraces and between roofs.

Prepare the special adhesive of
Head Insulation Plate Setapor in the same way as concrete
surfaces and apply it on Setapor surface by means of a trowel.

Stick Head Insulation Plate Setapor on the surface
to be isolated by applying hand
pressure on it. Adhesion will occur quickly.