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With ease of application and heat insulation properties, Light Filler is a TSE-certified, innovative, modern and safe product.A Manufactured in accordance with TSEK 108 document, STT Türk Gazbeton Light Filler Blocks constitute an economic product that provides fire safety, being non-combustible.
STT Türk Gazbeton Light Filler, a mineral-based massive product, both improves exterior/interior and inter-story isolation with its porous structure and creates a comfortable living environment.
Facilitating the work of masons with a carrying pocket, the product ensures concrete conservation thanks to its massive structure which can be cut in any desired size and angle. It is ergonomic and provides high adherence with its rough surface along with ensuring plaster conservation thanks to the smooth surfaces it forms.

Property Description Value
Product Sizes WidthEn 40-50 cm
Length 60 cm
Height 20-45 cm
Thermal Conductivity Value 0.085 W/mK
Fire Class A1 (Non-Combustible)
Dry Density 300 Kg/m3
Static Calculation Weight 400 Kg/m3