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An R&D Culture based on Creativity and Innovation

STT Türk Gazbeton conducts innovative R&D activities that add value to its clients by means of its cutting edge laboratories and a team of multidisciplinary experts.

Pioneering the industry since its establishment to date, STT Türk Gazbeton puts strategic emphasis on research activities. STT Türk Gazbeton has further improved all of its product formulations and specifications as a result of many years of effort and upgraded its production processes in an attempt to efficiently manufacture innovative products.

R&D is shaped by stakeholders’ requests and expectations

Taking part in R&D activities in which scientists from prominent universities in Turkey and abroad have participated, STT Türk Gazbeton closely monitors all scientific and technological developments in the industry, combines its know-how with its vast experience and continuously develops new products and methods. Always evolving for the better with new ideas and new projects, STT Türk Gazbeton aims to contribute to the Turkish Building Materials Industry, both nationally and internationally, working closely with prestigious universities in Turkey and with TUBITAK, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and TTGV.