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Our founder M. Tansu Tuğlu, who has great experience for more than 30 years in the field of cement, ready-mixed concrete, aerated concrete building materials industries, mining and contracting services, has decided to invest in the aerated concrete sector.


In 2022, one of our group companies STT YATIRIM YAPI SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş. purchased two former AKG Gazbeton A.Ş. factories; one is located in Çorlu built on 96 acres with a closed area of 22.000 m² and the other one in Kırıkkale built on 110 acres of land with a closed area of 24.000 m², and started its operations in the construction sector. Our company obtained STT TÜRK GAZBETON trademark registration and started production.

Our company has gained an important position in the sector with its Çorlu Factory with the largest production volume in Europe with 630.000 m3/year and Kırıkkale Factory with 570.000 m3/year production volume, with a total capacity of 1.200.000 m3/year.

STT TÜRK GAZBETON, which is one of the leading companies with the widest product range in Turkey in the aerated concrete sector, produces under three product categories: block products, reinforced products and thermal insulation plate. As block product group, STT TÜRK GAZBETON plants produce plane wall blocks, plug-in wall blocks, light filling blocks, U blocks and thermal insulation plates. As reinforced product group, our plants produce wall, roof and floor panels, lintels and jamps.



STT TÜRK GAZBETON AAC is a non-combustible A1 class product and has high thermal insulation properties.