Earthquake Safety

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), a low-density, massive wall material, provides earthquake safety by reducing loads in buildings with its lightness and durability. AAC, the lightest among masonry wall materials, has less earthquake base shear force and moment affecting the building than other wall materials. This reduces the earthquake loads on the building.

In recent times, urban transformation projects are of great importance. A large part of the building stock in Turkey is considered risky in terms of earthquakes. In the urban transformation of houses considered risky in terms of earthquakes in the coming period; insulated, light, strong, fire-safe, earthquake-safe structures will gain importance. STT Türk Gazbeton products, which carry all these features together, are the ideal building material for safe living.

In short, from the project stage of buildings, AAC provides significant savings in reinforced concrete and foundation construction costs.